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At, we believe that travel and business expansion should go hand in hand. Our innovative platform is designed for entrepreneurs who dream of taking their business global. Whether you're exploring bustling cityscapes or serene landscapes, is your partner in turning every destination into a new market opportunity.

Our Services

Trademark Registration: As you traverse the globe, we help you safeguard your brand by handling the trademark registration in each country you visit. Protect your intellectual property seamlessly with

Idea Generation and Refinement: Still brainstorming your next big venture? Our team of creative experts assists in ideating and refining your business concept, ensuring it's tailored to global markets.

Market Research: Understanding a new market can be daunting. We provide comprehensive initial market research, giving you insights into local consumer behaviour, trends, and competition.

Setup and Logistics: From hiring the right team to setting up your office address, we manage the intricacies of your business setup. Our local experts ensure a smooth transition into each new market.

Marketing and Setup

Operational Excellence: From establishing a local presence to logistical planning, we manage all aspects of your setup.

End-to-End Support: Benefit from our comprehensive support that covers ideation, planning, marketing, staffing, andministration and operational needs.

Pricing Plan

Monthly Subscription: Stay flexible with our monthly plan of $99 per month, ideal for the wandering entrepreneur. Enjoy full access to our services as you travel.

Annual Subscription: Ready to commit to a year of global expansion? Our annual plan offers a 20%  discounted rate, allowing you to focus on growing your business while saving costs.

Inquire our Whatsapp-AI assistant today at the above number and let your exciting journey begin!

Why Choose

Global Reach, Local Expertise: Our team travels to partners in every corner of the world, offering you localised knowledge with a global perspective.

Seamless Process: We handle the complexities of international business expansion, so you can focus on what you do best - growing your brand.

Flexible and Affordable: We accommodate the needs of modern entrepreneurs, whether you're a solo traveller or leading a growing team, we have a plan that fits. 

Why People Love Us

"Launching my fashion brand in Japan seemed daunting until I discovered Their comprehensive market research laid the groundwork for my entry strategy. Their expertise in idea refinement was invaluable, making my brand resonate with the local market."


Entrepreneur & Fashion Enthusiast

" seamlessly handled trademark registration, ensuring my brand was protected. And their meticulous approach to setup and logistics allowed me to focus on creative aspects, knowing the operational side was in good hands."


Tech Startup Founder

"Expanding our gourmet food line into Singapore was a major milestone. Their detailed market research provided us with invaluable insights into local culinary trends. Partnering with was the best decision for our international growth."


Food Enthusiast 

"While exploring Spain, helped me tap into a new market for my digital media business. Their on-the-go market analysis and logistical support were key in establishing a profitable sales channel in a foreign land."


Digital Media Company Founder

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